Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Useless Nothings!

I cannot let this one go by without a comment. How can the United Nations drop Cuba as a nation with poor Human Rights records? After all these years with NO ELECTIONS, EXECUTIONS, POLITICAL PRISONERS, APARTHEID SYSTEM AGAINST CUBANS, and THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF CUBA. The U.N. has again turned its back against the Cuban people, a total disgrace even though they have 48 years of DOCUMENTATION concerning violations.

The U.N. another guilty accomplice!


Anonymous said...

It just enraged me that once again the dictator gets a pass, and all the crimes, all his victims, just swept under the rug, business as usual for these sewer dwelling cockroaches. And the worlds response? Unless I missed it, nothing but silence except from the U.S. Our government may not always do the right thing but at least they sometimes say the right thing. The minute Cuba got the seat on the Human Rights council I knew this would happen. After all, this was the reason for the appointment. The bastards should all be deported and the UN shut down.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder the words are B-SHIT