Monday, June 25, 2007

Does anyone else see the danger with China?

Please read this with a whisper, no, no, in a lower whisper! The media hushes this and all the commie lovers are SILENT. First it was the TAINTED dog food, now we find out that NO standard safety regulations with Beijing on food and with drugs. What? They could taint our food and how would we know? 39,000 pets were affected by the tainted dog food, but where were PETA, CODE PINK, Charles" raspy" Rangel, Matt Lauer, Danny Glover and Wolfman Blitzer? Is it because China is communist, so it's O.K.

No media blitz?

Am I the only who sees the danger in China?

I was at a reunion and I had to hear this moron preach that the U.S.A. should be like China? He was from South America, working and enjoying the FREEDOMS here, but unhappy about CERTAIN things about USA. I proceeded to tell him: "THEN GO LIVE IN CHINA OR CUBA and why your at it, see what happens if you criticize the government!"


Anonymous said...

I see what you see, China is a danger to the world. People don't realize how they are quietly becoming a world power. Through exploitation, lies and deceit they're getting more powerfull. A shift in world power may come. God help us.

Anonymous said...

We've been talking about that for a while, plus the presence of the Chinese military as investors in the Panama Canal, and their influence in Cuba and Venezuela, and elsewhere in chaotic regions of Latin America (the lawless triangle between Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, where Al-Qaeda operatives roam free)
But hey, we are concentrated in preventing those Cubans from reaching the USA and we are listening to professors to say that they wish success to raul in keeping Cuba happy (sic(K)). Isn't that amazing?