Saturday, June 30, 2007


Michael "el gordo mierda" Moore is taking again a new low with regards to the movie "Sicko." Not only did he take ailing ground zero workers to apartheid Cuba for medical care, now with this movie, he basically foams at the mouth talking about the healthcare in a country in which no FREEDOM exist.

How low can you go gordo?

Let's see Gordo: NO elections in 48 Years, one mafia family stealing and using everything at their whim 48 years, executions, political prisoners, no one can own any property, no FREE internet access, No FREE press, no Cubans allowed to own cell phones, the Cuban people on rationing books for 48 years, people leaving in rafts risking their lives in order to leave gordo's so called paradise... and we all know the medical care is a sham.....only tourist receive healthcare at a cost and.....they had to fly in a doctor from Spain to save the aparthied dictator's life.

I believe that El Gordo forget to mention these finer points. I am often wondering that El Gordo can go to any buffet line and eat whatever he likes, but can Cubans ever dream having a buffet line instead of a ration line? No, all the apartheid sympathizers with their elitist attitude feel that they know what's better for people. These elitist should have all the "MONEY" and all the"POWER" but not the Cubans, they should just be happy singing and dancing in the street as shown in the "Today" show. How racist and downright smug is that?

You go on Jay Leno with your puppy dog look and soft voice to trash the U.S. and act like your some kind of a champion. What about those political prisoners that have been silenced for 5,10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years. Who cares about them? Why didn't you mention them? WHAT ABOUT THE CUBAN PEOPLE?

You don't care about the best COUNTRY in the world, the UNITED STATES and you certainly don't care about the Cuban people.

If you love the dictatorship and Cuban health care sooooooooooo much go live in Cuba and get your RATION CARD like the REAL Cuban people do!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you FATASS move to Cuba! Cara de Lechon podrido!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Fear not for Moore will greedily eat himself into an early grave.