Friday, June 08, 2007

"Cuba to buy $118 million in U.S. food, could reach $150 million"

Cuba which deals in blood shed by those who have been executed, imprisoned, and tortured, strike up a deal, to do bidness with American Farmers. It's not enough that these farmers are subsidized by the government and still can't make it. Now they deal with a country who denies it's people every possible FREEDOM. Bubba the farmer doesn't care because he just wants to make money, that's fine, who doesn't? Just don't act like you care about relations, that's B.S.! Probably before Bubba went to cuber to deal with apartheid dictator, Bubba probably couldn't find Cuba on the map!

Now on to my favorite quotes:

Cuban Commerce Minister Raul de la Nuez said most of the food would be sold at heavily subsidized prices, on the government’s food ration and at public schools and workplace dining rooms.

Why have the Cuban people been on ration books for 48 years? Explain that Anita Snow?

“This will help feed our people,” De la Nuez said.

Ha! the apartheid dictatorship has not been able to feed it's own people for 48 years!! How can a country who was the number one exporter of sugar, number one in tobacco, and fed it's people with no problem, now go to this after these thugs stole everything and basically depend on every one else? explain that to me Matt Lauer?

“We have a common goal of normalized relations between the United States and Cuba,” Kirby Jones, founder of the U.S.-Cuba Trade Association in Washington, told the gathering. “One day, we hope there will be free and open trade.”

We Cubans hope for FREEDOM! FREE elections, FREEDOM to express ourselves, FREEDOM to travel, FREE to go to any beaches, FREE to stay in any hotel in Cuba, FREE to use the internet, FREEDOM to believe whatever we want to believe! FREEDOM from this nightmare called apartheid communism!

While reading this article, a song popped up in my head that sums up this situation concerning the farmers dealing with Cuba:

"Just good ole boys meaning no harm" While swooping into Havana in your jets symbolically waving the rebel flag.

Well Bo and Luke Duke your dealing with Boss hog doesn't fly with the Cuban people. Ya'll heard that!


Anonymous said...

You got that right Alfredo! Embargo my ass! Viva Cuba Libre y Vida!

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Anonymous said...

Embargo? Embargo? WHAT Embargo? Hey did you see Matt Liar's Cuba dis-informercial? QUE MIERDA! Me cago en la Mediocridad! Envidiosos.

Anonymous said...

Correction on above first post-

El Gusano said...

hahaha boss hog. good one alfredo

Anonymous said...

so I guess the jineteras are cousin Daisey and sheriff coltrane is none other than ricardo alarcon?

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Where's Matt's blockade?

Anonymous said...

Tomas ,did you mean Matt's a Blockhead?

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Sale terms: Cash, cash or cash...