Saturday, March 08, 2008

Chinese Hackers

When are we going to wake up concerning China? They send us tainted cheap products made by slave labor. Communist China rounding up and jailing dissidents before the Olympics to make sure everything is hunky dory for the T.V. cameras. Tainted products, jailing FREEDOM fighters, and hackers breaking into the pentagon computers!

What next?

A visit from Cardinal Bertone?

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

We keep bending over to the Chinese because they lend us money - lots of it. But why listen to me? I'm just one of those old kooky believers in the U.S. Constitution that makes only gold and silver based money legal.

But if the rest of you want to join the INDIVIDUALISTS' INSURRECTION!!! then here is what we could do. Legalize competing gold and silver based currencies and pay off the Chinese in worthless Federal Reserve notes just before we close them down for bad lending practices. Or you all could keep bending over to Bernake and the Chinese.