Saturday, March 08, 2008

Have you done anything?

I don't know about you my FREEDOM loving brethren, but I am still reeling after the obvious slight by Cardinal "Sopranos" Bertone. El Cafe Cubano suggested that you refrain from donating for several weeks and slipping a note in the collection basket: "no donations for the next two weeks because of the ethically unacceptable behavior of Cardinal Bertone in Cuba."
Have you done it? Why not?
Have you written the Vatican, local churches, and other religious organizations? Why not?
If we are going to talk the talk, we have to walk the walk people!
Vatican e-mails below:

Office of the Cardinal-Secretary of State:

First Section (General Affairs):

Second Section (Relations to the States):

I wrote a letter to the Pope not to long ago and by all means you can copy this letter or use your own, but please do something and let's make a difference!

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