Thursday, December 29, 2005

Letter To The Pope

Everyone I know this is reaching a bit, but since the vatican has mentioned that the Pope might visit Cuba, a mention of the political prisoners and the " real" situation in Cuba is merited.

Santo Padre,

This is a letter to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, that God will bring you many blessings, and your help in regards to Cuba and it's political prisoners. Dr. Elias Biscet is holding on to his dear life in prison. His crime: He spoke out against abortion and the communist regime in Cuba. His prison term: 25 years! Most of the international and Christian community have no clue or have ignored this struggle. Here is an excerpt from Armando Valledares, who spent 22 years in prison :

"Valladares vividly expressed how much it meant the international reaction to the Cuban political martyrdom: "During those years, with the purpose of forcing us to abandon our religious beliefs and to demoralize us, the Cuban Communist indoctrinators repeatedly used the statements made by some representatives of the American Christian churches. Every time a pamphlet was published in U.S., every time a clergyman would write an article in support of Castro’s dictatorship, a translation would be given to us, and that was far worse for the Christian political prisoners than the beatings or the hunger. Incomprehensible to us, while we waited for the embrace of solidarity from our brothers in Christ, those who were embraced were our tormentors."

Please we are asking for your support either moral, spiritual, or anything that will save Dr. Biscet's life and that of all political prisoners being held in Cuba.

Here is a website dedicated to Dr. Biscet:

Listing of political prisoners:

Human Rights Violations:

Thank you and God bless!

-My fellow bloggers if you want to send a e-mail to the Santo Padro:


Anonymous said...

Thank you Alfredo,for this beautifully written letter and timely reminder. I'm ashamed I didn't think of this myself. I am a firm believer in going to the "top" whenever possible. Let us know if you receive a response.

Anonymous said...

I am sending him a little note too... Thanks, Alfredo!

Jose Aguirre said...

Great letter Alfredo! Thanks for your efforts to help spread the truth about Cuba!

Albert Quiroga said...

This is excellent. I will attempt to cobble together an email to the Holy Father, and try to be as objective as possible regarding a subject about which it is very difficult to be objective - that such gross injustice being endured by Dr. Biscet - and countless others - is so ignored, specially by members of the "chattering classes."

Alfredo said...


I will let you know if a response is received. what are you talking about "ashamed?" You are always on top of the issues and seeking help for our Cuban brothers

Alfredo said...


Thanks for your support and your actions! If the Santo Padre is flooded with e-mails maybe he will be moved to action. Am I expecting a response: No, but you never know!