Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Oil Pimp Program

Here is a press release from our favorite commie congressman. Please boycott Citgo!!

“Some have tried to read politics into these outreach programs” said Venezuelan Ambassador Bernardo Alvarez, “but they should not do so. This is a humanitarian gesture on the part of the Venezuelan people to our neighbors in need. It flows out of a promise President Chavez made during his trip to New York shortly after the hurricanes caused such havoc. It is consistent with our outreach to other countries in the Americas, using our oil to assist in economic development and regional integration. We are all Americans.”

To Fidel and mini-me everything has to do with politics!

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Anonymous said...

We are all Americans? No, you are not. Americans don't have castro's goons shooting dissenters in our streets mister chavez. Our radio stations do not have a list of state approved music to play, our government is not threatening to fire people from their jobs if they don't vote. We don't have thousands of people disappearing. We don't put up with dictators in the U.S. American? Not even close.