Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mini-Me #3 To Visit Cuber

I had someone ask me the other day: "Do you think Evo Morales is a communist?" Hello, anybody home! While he is not getting fooled by radio pranksters, he first trip away is to : Cuber! Just in time for the 47th anniversary of the revolution on January 1. No symbolism or connection here my friends.

Morales said he will meet with Cuban President Fidel Castro on his first trip abroad since winning the Bolivian presidential elections this month. He didn't say how long he would remain in Cuba, which marks the 47th anniversary of its revolution on Jan. 1.


Morales has repeatedly declared himself an admirer of Cuba's Castro, and has referred to himself as the ''younger brother'' of Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.


hera said...

I think comunist is an old fashion idea, dont you think so?, specially when we are talking about Bolivia, may be is time to be openminded. I know that for you as cuban in exile comunist is still alive, but welfare is not the same that castro has done in Cuba, welfare is only an opportunity,. Iyou want look at my comment in my blog about Morales.
Nice to meet you in that net

Anonymous said...

I think that we should roast the commie in one of those Texas grass fires. Only after have him conveniently tarred and feathered, and wrapped like fajitas in a burlap. That'd be neat. But too cruel.
So we could teach him to dance zapateo mexicano firing the colts near his feet!

Anonymous said...

Evo Moral-less. That's what the sucker is called.

Albert Quiroga said...

Evo going to feedel's for New Years...proves him Tonto!

Alfredo said...


How can you say communism is an old fashion idea? Look at what is happening in Venezuela, Boliva, the FARC in Colombia and the instability in Central and South America. I believe everyone is "close minded" concerning the atrocities, executions, tortures, political prisoners for over forty years in Cuba. It is really frustrating to hear that Exiles or those of Cuban descent are close minded, but in reality they have or a family member have suffered greatly. Those who have never lived in Cuba or never had a family member executed, tortured, or imprisoned simply for disagreeing against the idiotic ideal of socialism.
Welfare just creates a dependence on the government, exacly what the communist want you to do. The government will control every single facet of your life.
Why is Evo Morales visting Cuba on his 1st official visit abroad?Just reviewing the communist play book and learning from the master?