Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Global Exchange Sending Reality Tours to Cuba

Reality? I believe it's just a political statement. This quote clearly indentifies their motive:

Global Exchanges supports the freedom to travel to Cuba, along with the freedom of information. We believe one of the most important tools in ending the embargo and travel ban against Cuba is by making complete and accurate information available to the U.S. public. We are currently recruiting consultants to support our research and information gathering efforts in Cuba. You can be a part of supporting our efforts to make this much-needed information available to professionals, researchers, students and the general U.S. public.

How about all the political prisoners, those who have been executed, and the total lack of freedom? The general public in the U.S. has no clue concerning the situation in Cuba, or what happened in the past, or about Cuban exiles. Fellow bloggers why don't we give them some suggestions on gathering information concerning the truth!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Or you can complain about them to the Treasury Department. It appears this group is profiting from aiding and encouraging the circumvention of US laws, the Treasury Department might be interested.

Cuba Sanctions Violation Hotline (OFAC Miami):
TEL: 786-845-2829
email: ofac_feedback@do.treas.gov