Friday, December 30, 2005

Mini-me #3 In Cuba

Mini-me #3 arrived in Cuba today on his first official visit abroad. The dictator salivating on another country spiraling down the path of communism. For those who still do not believe that Morales is not a communist, and that their is nothing to the connection with Cuba:

"The presence of comrade Morales in Cuba fills our people with satisfaction and is an important stimulus to strengthen friendship and co-operation between the Cuban government and the future Bolivian government,"

"The Cubans are going to offer massive medical and educational assistance, like they did with Venezuela when Hugo Chavez became president," a Latin American diplomat predicted.

-The propaganda machine is in full spin mode. The pacts will be done in blood and the media will eat it all up with the familiar code words(Free Medical and Free Education). I suggest they take the commie 101 course:

21st Century Socialism-(We need to get back to the Old style of Lenin and Mao)

Nationalization-(steal all the banks, business, and property)

We are for the poor-(Everyone will be poor, except Castro, Chavez, Morales, and Government elite)

President Castro-(Dictator Castro who has never been elected to office)

The Revolution-( The term they continually use to justify all the atrocities)

The Motorcycle Diaries-( I am rich kid bumming through South America and I really did not know how to ride a motorcycle)

Socialism-( As the late Guillermo Cabrera stated: "The price of socialism is slavery, brutality, and death-all in the name of man.")

Free Healthcare-(Healthcare for the elite government and tourist with$$$$, not everyone else)

Check out the two commies in this slideshow.

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