Monday, December 19, 2005

Plane Crash

CB at Killcastro has post concerning a plane crash off the coast of Miami Beach. Looks like no survivors.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alfredo, you made me call my friends in the disaster area and boy, you started that post!

Albert Quiroga said...

At least 19 dead - they are still searching for a 20th person, presumably also dead. The Grumman amphibian lost a wing, after what is described as an explosion in the engine, then plunged steeply into the water. Pretty grim video shown in the local news last night.

According to the local news this morning on the radio, the passengers were mostly, if not all, Bahamian nationals who had been Christmas shopping in Miami. What a terrible thing to happen now; pray for them and their families.

Alfredo said...

CB as always your on top of things and thank you for finding out with your contacts. Albert, your right they need our prayers! Can you imagine one minute Christmas shopping and the next thing your gone. I am going to hug all my family today!