Monday, December 26, 2005

What Kind Of Rationale Is This?

Why doesn’t the United States want Cuba baseball players to participate in the upcoming World Baseball Championships?Is it because of Cuba’s Communist economic and political policies or could it be because of color confrontation?

- Again the ignorant have no clue about the real situation in Cuba. They always use divisiveness and color, but in the same breath they have no idea of Dr. Biscet and the apartheid of the Cuban people

Let’s reexamine the politics.
If you’re a communist Cuban and a great athlete, you are more than likely a person of color and you are not welcome to play sports in championships that include games played in America or in American controlled territories like Puerto Rico.

-No, let's reexamine why you have always stood silent concerning all the atrocities, executions, tortures, and political prisoners who happen to be both black and white and not communist?

Those same political pundits were quiet as a mouse when the Cuban government responded and said that any funds that Cuba received from playing World Championship Baseball would be donated to kelp the victims of Hurricane Katrina on America’s Gulf Coast.

-Funds that the dictator will not use with his own people. One of the wealthiest person on the planet, yet the people are on ration books, not allowed the freedom to travel anywhere they would like and one of the poorest countries? What about the recent hurricane in Cuba? Look at the destruction(wait a minute, this regime does not have freedom of the press!)

Regardless of how the baseball controversy turns out, African Americans should know that Cuba not only desires to help the African American victims of hurricanes and the subsequent governmental neglect, Cuba has been a big help to Africans on the continent of Africa. If you didn’t know, the country of Cuba sent soldiers to assist African countries in their fight for independence and their fight against apartheid. Cubans died so many Africans could be free.

-Tune up on your history and reevaluate your commie propaganda, the spread of the evil ideology of Marxism and absolute power is the sole purpose of the "dictator' not the people of Cuba.

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