Monday, December 05, 2005

Speech by a Dictator

Here is a speech given by dictator castro(never been elected) at the Commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of his admission to University of Havana. Please try to stay awake while reading this and see if you can make any sense out of it?

Check out these excerpts:

"This is the kind of world we are living in. It is not a world full of goodness, but a world full of egoism. It is not a world of justice, but one full of exploitation, abuse and pillage, where millions of children die every year –and they could be saved--, just because they are lacking a few cents worth of medicine, or some vitamins or re-hidration salts and a few dollars worth of food, enough for them to live. " Yes, mr. dictator right in your own backyard.

"More than a century has gone by and this piece of our territory is still forcibly occupied today bringing shame and horror to the world when it is known to have been turned into a torture center, where hundreds of people pulled in from different parts of the world are kept in detention. They do not take them to their own country because there may be laws that would make things difficult for them to illegally hold these people by force, kidnapped for years, overriding any legal procedure, and to the amazement of the entire world, these people are being subjected to sadistic and brutal torture. The world learned of this only when in Iraq they were torturing hundreds of prisoners from a country invaded by the powerful forces of a colossal empire, and where hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have lost their lives."

- What about all the political prisoners and those executed the last 40 years?
(La Cabana and Isla de Pinos ring a bell?)

"Iran is a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and so is Cuba. We have never considered producing nuclear weapons, because we don’t need them. Even if they were accessible, how much would they cost and what sense would it make producing a nuclear weapon with an enemy that has thousands of nuclear weapons? It would mean joining the game of nuclear confrontation."

-Did we forget the Cuban-missile crises in the 60's

"Which of us, which of you, which of our compatriots would quietly admit to a story of torturing even one citizen, "

- We know what happens when people speak out!

"I wish I had more time to speak to you, but this moment now is without precedent. It is a time that is different from all the others. It is nothing like it was in 1945; it is nothing like it was in 1950 when we graduated, but we had all those ideas that I mentioned that day, when I affirmed with love, respect and the utmost affection, that I came to this University with a rebellious spirit, with some elemental ideas of justice, then here I became a revolutionary, I became a Marxist-Leninist and I acquired the ideas that I have never abandoned, nor have I ever been tempted to do so, not in the least. For that reason, I dare say that I will never abandon them."

-More time to speak? what do you need another 5 hours blathering about yourself and the idiotic revolution?

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Albert Quiroga said...

These rambling loon-tune statements by the babbling bearded narcissist prove that mad dogs cannot be rehabilitated and must be shot on sight. Something which should have been done 52 years ago.