Wednesday, December 21, 2005

U.S. Cuba Energy Summit

Summit will take place on February2-4, 2006 in Mexico City. Here is the agenda. I believe they left out certain topics: Political Prisoners, No Freedom, Wet/Dry Foot Policy, Apartheid of the Cuban people, shall we go on.............

Here is a list of "micromanagers" who attended previous "Business" summits:

Fidel Castro, President, Councils of State and Ministers
Carlos Lage, Vice President, Council of State
Ricardo Alarcon, President, National Assembly
Raul de la Nuez, Minister of Foreign Trade
Marta Lomas, Minister of Foreign Investment
Francisco Soberon, President, Cuba Central Bank
Pedro Alvarez, Chairman, Alimport
Dagoberto Rodriguez, Head of Cuban Interests Section, Washington, D.C.
Rafael Dausa, Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Relations
Gustavo Machin, Director, North America, Ministry of Foreign Relations
Abdias Peon Garcia, President, Cuban Port Association
Eduardo Bencomo, President, CIMEX
Jesus Calderon, President, ITH
Maria de la Luz B’Hamel, Dir. North America, Ministry of Foreign Trade
Ruben Ramos, Dir., North America, Ministry of Foreign Investment
Miguel Figueras, Sr. Advisor to Minister of Tourism

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