Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Castro Calls Jeb Bush "Fat"

Article from the Miami Herald:

Castro called the governor ''the fat little brother in Florida'' and wondered if Bush had helped Luis Posada Carriles into the country, according to a transcript released Monday of the Nov. 17 address to University of Havana students, who erupted in laughter.
The Cuban leader didn't stop there.
'Forgive me for using the term `fat little brother' '' Castro said. ``It is not a criticism, rather a suggestion that he do some exercises and go on a diet, don't you think? I'm doing this for the gentleman's health.''

-Isn't that special that he is concerned about Jeb's health or really? He takes shots at everyone, but no one can criticize him. We better watch out because the brutal regime will probaly take out a $163,000 ad in some other newspaper and who knows who they are going to arrest next!

Read the entire nauseating speech.

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