Monday, December 19, 2005

Dealing with the Devil Part III

U.S. Wheat Associates commits to sell Cuba half a million tons of U.S. wheat. Let's see what else Wheat Associates have to do? Maybe a statement denouncing U.S. policy towards Cuba:

"Just as important, for the long-term, this document is a testament to the power of trade in establishing a human dialogue that can hopefully act as a counterpoint to some ill-advised political strategies which are still mired in the tired rhetoric and failed policies of yesteryear," Mr. Kisling said.

Looks like these guys have been chummy with the dictactor for some time:

The U.S. wheat industry has been working for the last decade to establish relations with Cuba. In coordination with member state wheat commissions, USW initially facilitated wheat flour donations in the mid-1990s through humanitarian groups working in Cuba. Following a series of meetings between USW and Cuban officials over a three year period, Cuba was ready to purchase U.S. wheat in 2001.

These guys even petitioned the United States Department of the Treasury concerning the payment terms in regards to trading with the brutal regime.

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