Thursday, March 20, 2008

Donde esta Dr. Alfredo Pulido Lopez?

Dr. Alfredo Manuel Pulido López

Born on 14.11.1960

Dentist, journalist Member of the Christian Liberation Movement / MCL, was responsible for the Varela Project (conducted by Oswaldo Payá) for the implementation a constitutionalreferendum active.(Oswaldo Payá - Sakharov Price For Freedom 2002)

Arrested: March 2003, sentenced to 14 years in prison

Prison: "Kilo 7", Camagüey.

After a month in a dark cell of the "Todestrakts"(“Death Block”). Followed by a year in the securitywing of the jail "Combinado del Este" in Havana.After laying in "Kilo 7" prison in Camagüey accordingto a cell with hardened criminals, where he dailyhumiliations,ill-treatment and death threats is exposed.

Is from tuberculosis, gastric mucosal inflammation, extreme weight loss due to lack of food, loss of vision and scurvy, difficult sicknessof the liver.

His political godfather: MEP Elmar Brok, the German Foreign Expert The EPP group in the European Parliament

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