Tuesday, December 30, 2008

50 years..'Boys don't cry"

The media is fawning all over the 50th anniversary of the monstrous revolution. I can't understand how anyone could still defend the dictatorship? 50 YEARS of what?Destruction....imprisonment.....death ....total power in the hands of one family? What has happened to Cuba and Cubans should make even the strongest of will cry, but boys don't cry!

The Cure for Cuba: FREEDOM!


Vana said...

Happy New Year!!! Alfredo

Next year en el Malecon Habanero!!


~Zurama~ said...

Un prospero año nuevo! Recuerden vestir de negro el dia primero de Enero, recordando la muerte de la libertad de Cuba!!

Happy New Year! Remember to dress in black on the first of the year, in remembrance of the end of Cuban freedom!!

Alfredo said...


Happy New Year and hopefully next year in en el Malecon Habanero!

Alfredo said...


Happy New Year! Yes, today 50 years ago darkness took over Cuba