Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Cuba performing state-backed sex changes"

I am not making this stuff up folks! Michael Moore's idealic healthcare system is backing sex change operations and...

Raulita's daughter has accused her daddy's and uncle fifo's dictatorship of discrimination against gays and said she will write a letter to its "top leadership" demanding that it end. Yes, discrimination against gays exists, but what about discrimination against:

-Those who are imprisoned for speaking out against the communist government
-those who were executed for no reason just for simply being for FREEDOM
-All Cubans who are not communist
-children who belong to the state not to their parents
-All Cubans who can not own private property
-All Cubans who can not travel freely
-All Cubans who can not vote in FREE elections
-All those who speak out against abortion

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Evidencias said...

Si no fuera Castro, yo diría que necesitamos pila de Marielas.