Friday, November 22, 2013

Cuba: Rumor Friday continues.....

Here is the latest installment of Rumor Friday:

Cuba experts maintain that Cuban exiles were responsible for the assasination of JFK, even though for the last 54 years the Cuban exiles haven't been able to get rid of castro.........experts scoff at any notion that Castro knew or had anything to do with the JFK assassination even though:

-it seemed that Lee Harvey Oswald was an avowed Marxist

-Oswald defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959

- Oswald returned to U.S. in June 1962 and settled in Dallas, Texas. Soon thereafter, the Oswald's were put in touch with George de Mohrenschildt, a Soviet illegal (sleeper agent - read Ion Pacepa's book)

-Was Oswald's wife Marina a KGB agent?

-Oswald in September 1963 trip to Mexico City during which he met with top Cuban and Soviet agents, like Valeriy Kostikov,

- Was Fabien Escalante in Dallas, did he leave from Red
Bird airport in Dallas, right after the JFK assassination, then transferred to another plane in Mexico, and then wound up in Havana?

-Strange coincidinki that Nestor Sanchez was meeting with Rolando Cubela discussing how Cubela could knock out the dictator Castro "In one of the strangest twists of modern history, Sanchez was explaining the device as the sun was setting in Paris. He took a call from FitzGerald in Washington: President Kennedy had just been shot in Dallas"


Raul was rumored to be seen wearing a Jay Z shirt last week....

When asked about if he had anything to do or knowledge with the assassination of JFK, the dictator quickly responded " NO WAY....I have ALWAYS been truthful with ALL my statements and my intentions......." The reporter who begged to differ with the dictator has not been seen for weeks!!!

Since Cuba has been accepted to the UN, Cuban officials have begun to confiscate offices belonging to others offering no valid reason.

Rumors are that Jay Z 's new rap single could be entitled: "Yo who's El Critico ?"

2000 Cuban citizens were rumored to be seen riding bikes with a Cafe Cubano T-shirt in Havana.....

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