Friday, November 15, 2013

Cuba: Rumor Friday

Here is the latest installment of Rumor Friday:

The dilema concerning opening and then banning, and then maybe reopening of the Home cinemas in Cuba is due to the Cuban exiles.....

When asked about if he had anything to do or knowlege with the assasination of JFK, the dictator quickly responded " NO WAY....I have ALWAYS been truthful with ALL my statements and my intentions......."   The reporter who begged to differ with the dictator has not been seen  for weeks!!!

Since Cuba has been accepted to the UN, Cuban officials have begun to confiscate offices belonging to others offering no valid reason.

Raul was overheard saying: " What is the deal with Maduro and that FREAKING birdie!"

A recent poll taken in Berkly, CA revealed that Cuba should not be FREE because of all the 1950's cars roaming around in Havana and because of che t-shirts. Executions, political prisoners, and 54 years of  violating human rights was not DEEMED important to pollsters.

Jay Z 's new rap single is entitled:  "Yo who's El Critico ?"

Diana Nyad is rumored to be named the director of Havana's Downtown Swim Club.......Half of the club's members left last week on a raft to the US.

1000 Cuban citizens were seen riding bikes with a Cafe Cubano T-shirt in Havana.....

Rumors are that Tony Castro wants an interview for the position of team Doctor for the Baltimore Orioles.

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