Wednesday, November 20, 2013


"Cuba delegation tours Ybor of revolutionary Martí"

After reading this article several times......I said to myself " que clase de comemier..." and decided to move on to another task. 30 minutes went by and with utter disgust, I had to say something about this despicable spectacle.

a delegation form Cuba, a country that in the last 54 years has systematically abused the human rights of it citizens, are received with open arms in Tampa, but wait....they are TREATED with a tour to Ybor City " to see the haunts of Jose Marti." who spent most of his life fighting for Cuba's independence and FREEDOM from Spain mostly in exile. Just like many Cuban exiles in Miami and all over the world, who most of their life, have fought for FREEDOM from the oppression of the Castro DICTATORSHIP. Well, who cares about the Cuban exiles of today?

The article gets more despicable with these asinine quotes:

"Even Fidel Castro and the modern Cuban Revolution make reference to Martí,” May said. “He is the universal symbol of Cuban nationalism.”

"We never once discussed anything political,” Salcines said. “This was about our common appreciation of history"

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