Friday, January 23, 2009

He's alive?

Looking at these pictures don't you feel like yelling as Dr. Frankenstein did in the movie:
"He's alive..he's alive"


Carlos Eduardo, Marta e Samantha said...

De facto, o fétido Castro não está só. Com ele, toda a canalha latino-americana reorganizada pelo periculosos Foro de São Paulo. Diz-se no Brazil uma "casa da mãe-joana", aquela em que tudo quanto é imoralidades e promiscuidade moral acontecem. E a velhacaria latino-americana pretendendo submeter nossa gente ao castrocomunismo. Que lástima, se castro morrer, ficará seus cupixas brasileños, argentinos, venezuelanos, equatorianos, costa-riquenhos, enfim, quase toda América Latina. Hasta cuando?

Fantomas said...

Se ve muy bien el coma, ha engordado par de libras

Anonymous said...

it's frankenstein and the botox bride of frankenstein!

Lazaro Gonzalez said...

Under the pretext of the inauguration of Obama, Fidel or writes for, or charge by writing, has taken the decision to close the chapter "Fidel" in Cuba. And as always the time could not be more timely and opportunistic, just less than 48 hours after taking possession of Barack Obama as the eleventh president of the United States in the half century since the assault Castro to power in 1959.

Raul officially hands free to perform in the real internal changes that urges critics sitjuacion; handsfree as external to negotiate with the new U.S. administration that has anything to negotiate with a view to lifting the embargo and to trade credits who desperately need it, only alternative for survival of the Revolution surrendered.

Obama and unique opportunity for opponents to begin the long, complicated and difficult process of democratization in the country.

Granma published the "I have reduced the reflections as I had proposed for this year, so as not to interfere with or obstruct comrades of the Party and State in the decisions to be taken constantly facing difficulties arising from the economic crisis world. I am well, but again, none of them should feel compromised by my casual thoughts, my seriousness or my death. "

Anonymous said...

Wax figures from Ripley's believe or not!

buck said...

Once again you illegal cuban-exiles are duped even though Fidel resembles a mummy!Cristina had several botox treatments and that girl's makeup is all wrong, but her dress is FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

buck, you ve been talking shit here for a few years.

Tell me how exactly are Cuban- AMERICANS illegal?

Are you an American Indian?

It's time you stop talking shit and start explaining?

Obviously you have nothing better to do than come to this site.


buck said...

waiting for what dear????? i am a hot latina woman who loves to tease fredo and and insecure men like you

buck said...

and watch your langauge in presence of a lady!

Anonymous said...

So no answer eh buck?

So why are Cuban Americans illegal buck?

How's your pig?

Oh and youre hot,pffft lol. I'll believe it when I see it (hope not).

"Insecure", how so buck?
Why would you say that buck ?
Are you insecure buck?
Why are you projecting?
Are you a Native American buck?

Anonymous said...

a "lady' who talks like you buck? lol

Define a lady buck.

Alfredo said...


"that girl's makeup is all wrong, but her dress is FABULOUS!"--

excuse me this is a political blog not a fashion chat line and what's the deal with using the word fabulous?

"i am a hot latina woman"-- yeah o.k. we REALLY believe that-LOL

Anonymous said...

Uncle Fester agrees with you Alfredo :)