Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"All Commie Cuba Baseball Team"

Today will be the the MLB All Star game and as a baseball fan I am looking foward to watching the game. In the spirit of baseball I would like to nominate the "All Commie Cuba Baseball Team" Please send in your nominations and I will post them. Here are my picks:

Name: "All Commie Cuba Baseball Team"
Colors: Blood Red
Owner( I mean Dictator): Fidel Castro
Financing: Ted Turner
Arbitrator: Jimmy Carter
Media: CNN, N.Y. Times, NBC
Reporters: Anita Snow, Lucia Newman, Brian Williams, and Dan Rather
Manager: raulita
Pitching Coach: Hugo "mini-me" Chavez
1B Daniel Ortega
2B Gabriel Garcia Marquez
SS Pastors for Peace
3rd National Council of Churches
LF Jose Serrano, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters
RF( No right fielders, no one wants to play here!)
Backup Pitcher: Manuel Zelaya

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