Monday, July 27, 2009

Communist leaders: RICH People: POOR

Click on the title and read how the diva of plastic surgery Cristina Kirchner has increased her wealth "sixfold" and in just one year her wealth increased "158%!" It does not take the hiring of a Inspector Clouseau to deduct that leaders who are followers of socialist ideologies enrich themselves, yet the people get poorer! The reflective dictator of Cuba is one of the richest in the world, but the people of Cuba lack the basic necessities! Mini-me Chavez is getting fatter both physically and financially, but for some strange reason, crime is up, nationalization is taking place, and the basic necessities are now harder to acquire.
Communism is not the answer both from a polictal and spiritual perspective, yet history keeps repeating itself and the culpable media overlooks the atrocities only that their political ideology is advanced. The media quick to point out the sins of Pinochet and Fugimori, but when it comes to castro and his disciples..COMPLETE SILENCE!

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