Monday, July 13, 2009

Cuba: Dissidents Dr. Darsi Ferrer and wife arrested!

From Ziva at Blog For Cuba :
*UPDATE: Dr. Ferrer and his wife were released after suffering brutal agression at the hands of Castro's thugs.
Read about their ordeal at The Real Cuba. Click here.
The whereabouts of Cuban husband-and-wife human rights activists Dr. Darsi Ferrer and Yusnaymi Jorge Soca were unknown Friday, a day after they were arrested at their home in Havana, according to a report from independent journalist Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez. The arrests came a day before Ferrer had planned to lead a demonstration along the seafront Malecon in the capital.
"A soldier dressed in olive green and two officers from the National Revolutionary Police came in a patrol car to their house and told Darsi they were there to search the house, which he resisted. Minutes later, they took him with my sister," said Ferrer's brother-in-law..
More at Uncommon Sense here, and in Spanish at Mambí en Acción, here.

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