Wednesday, October 18, 2006

"Can't you smell that smell"

A loud screaching scream was overheard a week ago, followed by a foul stenching smell. Let me take you back in history for a second.

"When Lenin died in 1924, a horrible howl was heard from his room, as if the demons he'd serve so well had come to take him"- from The Final Hour by Michael Brown

That scream and that smell came from Cuba in a certain undisclosed room over a week ago?


Anonymous said...

The sulphur smell still wafts in Cuba and the horrific scream has been heard, according to some people.
My very skeptic sources are waiting for el Granma, but the demon is as good as dead.
God willing, the island is going to be free very soon. Maybe they already are and they haven't noticed, that's what the Empire of Evil and Fear does to the human soul.

Sr Jodio said...

Coño, se murio ya?

Alfredo said...


No confirmations or any proof. many rumors and I received some info from different sources all saying the same thing. DO I believe he is dead: NO, but I posted this to see if any more info would pop up.
word is everyone is scared to talk,and that any bit of info is hard to prove.

Jose Reyes said...

Communism is just a lot of talk, it is finished, if you think about it, it never really existed. Dictatorship is the only reason that it was created, it was made up to destoy the election based govermental systems. The only thing that the so-called Commies have going for them is the color "Red", that's it. They are finished!! They are all a bunch of phonies! God bless Democracy, the only sane idea left. Because it deals with our God-Given Rights!