Friday, October 20, 2006

Slip of the tongue

Not a good week for the commies. Mr. Sulfur spent $1.1 billion trying to buy a seat on the security council and is getting a international whipping! "Short duck" Kim Jong Il is now saying "sorry" after big brother China sent him to his room for a time out.

Now this brings me to Lula "la loca." Mr. loose lips accidentally blurted out that the old crusty dictator was dead! Can you imagine that? Mr. loose lips also 'blurted" out that the dictator had cancer way before anyone in the press reported it. Lula is also having many problems and scandals at home.

Is the dictator dead? Politically and those boring 8 hour speeches, Yes! Physically? Everything seems to point out that he is, but El Cafe Cubano will not officially announce it. The dictator has not been seen for over a month, Lula 'accidentally" calls him dead, Raulita is now in his brother's office, the deal with the devil has expired, and that thing about the 'scream" followed by a foul smelling odor reported by confidential sources. Is the dictator's body now in Spain? C'mon journalist do your job!

You decide my FREEDOM-loving brethren!


Anonymous said...

Remember that a few days ago our sources reported that he was taken down the stairs wrapped in a black cloth?
Now everything's falling in place....

Gusano said...

sent to his room for a time out! ha! very funny post.

Orlando Furioso said...

Black cloth. Those are the "black flags" that not long ago were covering the electronic sign in front of the US Mission in Havana. Now that is a good use for them.