Thursday, October 05, 2006

Time to go to school!

This is a special class for those who ''don" leche guevera t-shirts. Sit down and crab a coffee, no not a loco moco from starbucks, but a good strong cafe Cubano. Forget about those hippie professors or those who have 2-way radios in their backyard, FREEDOM fighter, Ya No Mas, has videos showing the true nature of guevera and of the butcher actually admitting that executions have been committed in apartheid Cuba.

Real history, not from a textbook, and from those who lived it!

** new idea for t-shirts for leche guevera fans:

"Leche Guevera, GOT TORTURE!"

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Anonymous said...

The truth will set you free,Commies lovers around the world...Look and Learn the real history.