Monday, October 23, 2006

Please read in quiet whisper

Hush! The media is silent these days concerning the dictator. They have no clue if he is dead, partially dead, cancerous, or has diarrhea. Please! Remember you have to read this post in a small whisper, I have a suggestion for the media: Since you don’t know what’s going on with the saga “ The death or The un-death of a dictator, a few suggestions: Just maybe you can run a story on political prisoners, atrocities committed by the apartheid regime, and oh yes! Why no freedom in Cuba(Now don’t use the usual blame the exile story).

To bad Lucia Newman is still not in Cuba, for sure she would have the scoop! NOT! Wait a minute we still have CNN in Havana! NO WAY! Is Dan Rather out of retirement? I am sure he would get to the bottom of this! Should I continue my freedom-loving brethren? Forget about it!

This brings me to a funny in a strange, sad kind of way conversation. This weekend I was engaged in a conversation about Cuba. I was met with this opening topic: “Did you know about how the people of Cuba have to stand in line for food, that they have rations, that they are not really allowed freedom?” I said “Really?” “Funny, Cubans have been saying this for over 47 years!” I am thinking to myself, everyone that knows me and has mentioned the topic of Cuba, usually gets a history and reality lesson concerning Cuba and I am still getting ‘lectured” from those that suddenly just happen to stumble on this. I had this strange sad feeling that no matter “how much” you really try to discuss the truth concerning Cuba, people don’t listen. Can you imagine the political prisoners and how they feel? That is why I have no tolerance for the media and the journalist who have spread lies and supported the myth of the dictator.

Just watch decades from now a movie will suddenly burst out about on to scene concerning the “reality” of the revolution and people will say” I did not know that really happened?” yet thousands have died in Cuba and for what? For mankind’s who cares attitude towards tyrants? Nobody deserves this, even Cubans!

You can stop whispering now.

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