Monday, October 16, 2006

Let me get this straight.......

A commie group from Colombia called ELN goes to Cuba for get this: Peace Talks! So, let me get this straight: a commie terrorist group goes to a commie terrorist and apartheid country called Cuba. Wait a minute, don’t tell me…. they want to steal more land, to kill more people, and to sell more drugs! I thought they were for the poor? Cuba, a place where the dictator has fostered terrorism and revolutions in the Americas for over forty-seven years! What? No “Peanuts” Carter here to mingle and make sure things are on the level?

This brings me to several points my freedom loving-brethren. Doesn’t seem like no one ever listens? I have been laughed out of the room many times simply for mentioning groups such as the ELN and The FARC are leftist groups, backed and supported by the old crusty dictator himself in Cuba. You all know the comments: Your crazy! You think everyone is a communist! They are really for the poor! The USA is to blame!

What about Mr. Sulfur in Venezuela? Yes, let’s really boycott Citgo, but where were you years ago, decades ago? Mr. Sulfur and others were of danger to the USA as soon as they popped up onto the scene. Now it’s hip and cool for radio personalities and other ‘”journalist” to call the boycott and to act like “they” discovered that Mr. Sulfur is suddenly ‘now” dangerous. People calling in “we need to boycott Citgo, because he came here and insulted us in our own house.” Newsflash: That’s not the first time a tyrant has come to our “house” and insulted us in our house. These tyrants have buddies here in the U.S. and many have two- way radios, yet no outrage? The madman from Iran came here to our “house” proclaiming he is the chosen “one” and basically insulting us, yet no outrage? Why haven’t you used your “twang” to ever denounce the dictator in Cuba, instead of Americans of Cuban descent? Get over the free education and healthcare farce; it’s been proven a lie over and over again.

Cuba is a communist country, China is a communist country last time I checked, North Korea is a communist country with a lunatic as the leader. Venezuela is run by a communist thug, Cocaine Morales in Bolivia is a commie and a strong follower of castro, “Lula, la loca” in Brazil is a commie and a follower of castro. Very simple, don’t come to me with these complex analysis, graphs, your feeling based on nothing. Don’t come to me with “hola mi amigo” or “ mi nombre es butch” insisting that by doing this you ‘really” speak Spanish or really “understand” me or that some how you are “superior.”

Stop the hypocrisy, if you really love America stop inviting and supporting tyrants directly or indirectly. Bring some sense of morality back to our country. You don’t want illegals, yet you hire them and what’s worse you go that country for a “CHEAP” vacation and line their pockets, yet you never denounce that corrupt and inept government? You believe everything that the dictator spouts, yet call those who are Americans who have been tortured in the dictator’s dungeons for years as ‘mafia” or “radical?”

Hey, all this information is free. Read all the blogs to my right. Go visit any Cuban exile over some “real” coffee, not some $5.00 loco moco from Starbucks, to get the ‘real’ facts about communism. They can spot a commie a thousand miles a way, even without their coffee!
The message is simple: FREEDOM! Communism will never bring FREEDOM to the people. Don’t lecture us; it should be the other way around.

Don’t get me started on this: “Alfredo, you don’t look like a Cuban?” I will rant about this another time!


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

What my friend is trying to warn the non-Cuban about is fidel's famous slogan "socialism or death" is not accurate. In truth it should be "socialism IS death."

Ease back on the espresso dude... We've got them on the run! The more time that passes the more we shall be proved rightious and fidel and his chauvinists infamous.

Su amigo

Anonymous said...

The post seems to also be written about my experiences in several cities of the U.S. of A. where I have lived.
Hey, but you LOOK WHITE!
You don't look Cuban!
(yeah, sure, my ancestors came from Europe and they left their ethnicities at the check point! so I could become a confortable item for some racist in the census!!!!)
I have had a large amount of discussions on all this points with a lot of people. Alfredo, are we freaking twins????

Gusano said...

Alfredo. you're right on. Guess what?
Farc is none other than Raul Castro (reCastro)pet project. here's the link my friend:
now, i warn you, they won't believe you when you tell them. even the columbians blow me off.
and when they tell you that you don't look Cuban as a compliment, tell them you just don't fit their stereotype and they turn even whiter!

Anonymous said...

Great Post! Viva Cuba Libre!

yodog said...

Boycotting CITGO hurts American distributors and does nothing against Huguito. Unless the USA government stops imports from Venezuela everybody, including moronic boycotters (are people really that stupid?) will continue to contribute to his coffers.

Asesor Homeschooling para Chile said...

Esos terroristas son los más descarados de todos.

Saludos! Gran blog!

!Libertad al pueblo cubano!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your understanding the complex situation in Colombia. I know personally your love for Colombia, and what groups like the FARC and ELN have tried to destroy my beautiful country of birth. You opened my eyes to what these groups really mean and how Castro is behind all of this.

El Cartagenero