Monday, October 02, 2006

Dengue fever

Click here to see them spraying for dengue fever in Cuba.

H/T to The Real Cuba


Anonymous said...

si no los mata el dengue ,de seguro que ese humo con quimica les va a hacer daño!
Que impotencia al no poder hacer nada.


Anonymous said...

so much for the achievements of the revolution. what a joke and they are spraying that junk right in front of those people! Incredible!!!!!!

El Cartagenero

P.S. hey alfredo i noticed you put a link to caribeNet for Cartagenera, Gracias and as you say: "mi hermano"

Alfredo said...


Your right! They are spraying right in front of people and who knows what chemicals they are using and at what dose?

Alfredo said...


Your welcome! Check out the web cam and you can check out your old stomping grounds!