Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The dictator is not marching…

The Adidas wearing dictator must be in bad shape. He is telling his fellow thugs to march on! His “reflective”essays in the piece of crap Granma again show us how pompous and selfish this regime has been. THEY don’t care about Cuba nor the Cuban people. March on to what? Everything has been destroyed including Cuba’s soul! The apartheid dictator is now slowly being phased out, while another apartheid dictator steps in.
Even the dictator can not control his fate and his health. Time is ticking away and the DEAL has expired. Will Cuba be FREE soon? We don’t know, but history finally has ridded and condemned another dictator.
Israel, God’s chosen people, suffered in exile for 40 years. What has Cuba done to deserve this? One of the readings this week was about asking God anything and you shall receive! Have we mis hermanos REALLY asked for FREEDOM for Cuba?

Time to ask…………….


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Now I know the regime is writing phony stuff in the name of Fidel? Think about it for a second. Do you think Fidel would ever write to carry on wihtout him? Give me a break! It has always been all about him. Selfish, greedy tyrants never leave the limelight willingly.

Asesor Homeschooling para Chile said...

You're right bro.
We've not really asked for Freedom. And the Lord said: "Call me and I will answer you..."