Sunday, July 29, 2007

Trading with apartheid Cuba....

Just because Mr. strickland is the grandson of Andrew Jackson Strickland, we are suppose to say: "All right bubba, go to cuber and trade away with ramon el jamon castro!" Stop the crap, if you just want to make a buck, just be honest and say so! Stop repeating the commie propaganda from the crusty dictator.

"John Parke Wright IV, a descendant of the Lykes family of Tampa, famed for its cattle, citrus and shipping interests, starting in the 19th century." Wow! Are we now bowing down in reference? What is it with these people? we don't give a crap who was your great, great, great, great, great, grandfather. Just like you don't REALLY care about the CUBAN people, the political prisoners, and the lack of FREEDOM of Cuba.

Get ready to be sick:

"Ramon and I have become good friends over time" Isn't that special! Would you be friends with hitler and his cronies?

Mr. "rebel flag" wright even has photos of the two mafia brothers ramon and raulita!

Here is where I totally lose respect:

"When Castro came in, he said, 'Before only the rich people ate beef. Now everybody eats beef,' " Adams says. "They ate up all their cattle. Everybody ate beef for a year, and nobody has eaten beef since." ---- What moron would believe this? Apparently these two genealogy extremist!

Just remember when Cuba is FREE, we won't forget who dealt with the dictator!!!!!!!!


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

That's a fact and we will receive no opposition from Cubans anywhere for seizing all slave holder assets and ban these carpet baggers from ever setting foot or doing business in Cuba again!

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