Sunday, July 29, 2007

U.S. Med Students Study For Free In Cuba?

Here we go again with the media fawning all over this propaganda! I have several questions here concerning this piece, why do the medical students who went to Cuba only have to take the medical board exams to practice in the U.S.? Every state is different, but all dentist and doctors from foreign institutions are usually required to attend a program which usually last several years and THEN pass both parts of the national boards. Why not the Americanos who studied in apartheid Cuba? Why are they given preferential treatment? If the medicine is so great and its home to the largest medical schools in the Americas, why don't these eight students stay in Cuba and practice?

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Anonymous said...

Good question. I have a friend who was an ear, nose, and throat specialist in Cuba. This person sought asylum here (US) and isn't able to practice. They would have to attend that program and pass the state boards in order to do so.

As for these 'Norte Americanos' what would they say if they came back here and found out to their horror that their diplomas weren't worth the paper they were printed on. It would serve them right.