Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Much adieu nothing concerning the 26th of July

What is the significance of the 26th of July? We know what the media will do and certainly what the controlling apartheid regime will do and say. Now to the reality of what the 26th of July movement or date has accomplished. The answer to this question is very simple: Nothing.The dictatorship has attempted to destroy Cuba; they have attempted to destroy the Cuban family, and attempted to destroy the will of the Cuban people. Ultimately the excuse for the revolution was simply to cover up all the atrocities and the pilfering done by the dictatorship. The movement from the very beginning was a selfish one planned all along with evil intentions by the dictatorship. The attack on the Moncada barracks was a total failure with the dictator not actually fighting and being the first one to flee, just like the revolution, a farce from the very beginning and continuing to flee from the actual truth. This date is of actual sadness and cruelty,not that of a selfish propaganda from the cruel regime, nor the love affair with the culpable media.Now we have to hear raulita with broken promises and total failures. Enough of forcing people to accept your charades. No more of your silencing and imprisoning of those who dare to speak out. The real answer and solution for Cuba is FREEDOM. Enough of the failures of the revolution, it does not work, nor warrant any sorry excuse for existence.

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Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Great opportunity though for a military man with a sniper rifle to eliminate Raul. Only an ounce of lead could change Cuba's future for the better!