Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Memo to Top Roman Catholic leaders who met in Cuba


What about FREEDOM for the Cuban people?

Why don't you ask for the release of ALL political prisoners?

Why don't you call for FREE Elections?

The leading dissident against the apartheid dictator is in prison for speaking out against communism and ABORTION and what have you done?

No pro-life groups to the aid of Dr. Biscet?

Thousands of e-mails to Catholic Churches and priest about the Friday fast for political prisoners in Cuba and NOTHING, ZILCH?

So what's the purpose of meeting in Cuba, when you don't even defend the rights of the Cuban people?

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Anonymous said...

What a joke- all of this! Me cago en todos ellos! Hasta cuando senores? Que Viva el pueblo Cubano. Abajo los hijos de putas! Enough!YA NO MAS!What a JOKE! Love you my Cuban Brothers and Sisters!!!! LIBERTAD!!!!

Gusano said...

... and then we expect the Police to voice support for human rights in cuba when even the representatives of the Vicar of Christ go to Cuba and participate in the apartheid

Alfredo said...

The Police have once again "STUNG" the Cuban people with their love of the dictator and of the apartheid communist regime. Does it surprise me the inaction of the Police? No, what do you expect from a Lexus communist!

Memo to the Police: YOU SUCK!