Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mini-me Chavez to kick out any foreigner who criticizes him

Now the oil pimp wants to kick out any foreigner who dares to criticize him in Venezuela. Yeah, real democratic this Bolivarian Revolution! This "21st-century socialism" sounds like good ole fashion communism to me!

Don't you love this quote:

"He said Cuba's 80-year-old "Maximum Leader" gave him a copy of former CIA Director George Tenet's recently published memoir and told him: "'Read it, Chavez, because that is the most perfect killing machine ever invented and I'm a survivor ... I survived more than 600 (assassination) attempts.'"

600 assassination attempts? The Adidas wearing apartheid dictator exaggerating and rambling out figures without any proof OR QUESTION FROM MEDIA! Don't you think if they really wanted to assassinate you, it could have been done quick and easy and long ago. So please go back to your blogging!


memememe said...

I'm afraid of the way things have changed, so quickly and how Chavez madness seems to suddendly came out off the closet since the last "elections" in december. I wonder, or I ask given the cuban experience, when is the moment that you know you have to get out of here or, you can keep fighting? With the new reforms, and so many students like me detained and treated like criminals, the question has been popping my head all the time.

+Miguel Vinuesa+ said...

Intentaremos por todos los medios ser expulsados de Venezuela, cuando acudamos a ella! ejejeje

Rita Loca said...!!!