Monday, July 23, 2007

What kind of analysis is this?

Here we have an article analyzing health care lessons from Cuba. Who wrote this article? Was it you Buck? Still after 48 years we have to hear this crap about Cuban health care. It sucks PEOPLE! These spoon fed journalist and Lexus communists continue the old and worn out propaganda of the the so called utopia of Cuba.

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but Pauly Farmer, a professor of medical anthropologies at Harvard Medical School, is as sharp as a bowling ball. Check out this quote:

The most important contribution that Cuba's given to global health care is (an) example -- the idea that you can introduce the notion of broad healthcare and wipe out the diseases of poverty," Farmer said in "Salud!," a recently released documentary about Cuba's healthcare system.

Earth to Pauly: Everyone is poor in Cuba and only the thugs and tourist(sounds like an apartheid system to me)are afforded health care.

"Wild Bill" Keck , a professor at Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, another bowling ball candidate chimes in with this beauty:

"Despite its low per-capita income, Cuba excels in providing preventative, comprehensive care to its citizens"

Where's the proof Wild Bill? They say the proof is in the pudding! OOPS, Cubans can not get pudding, cell phones, own property, stay at hotels that tourist frequent, go to beaches that are reserved for tourist, no FREEDOM of Expression, cannot criticize the government, no FREEDOM of press, can only vote for one party and one family!

And these guys are professors?

The article gets better folks:

"Cuba has a workforce of more than 60,000, which makes it one of the best resourced countries in the world," Mullan said. This large workforce -- almost double the number of physicians per capita in the United States -- allows for personalized care administered by doctors who live in the communities they serve. Most family physicians spend the afternoons making home visits, teaching in the community and holding public health events.

I believe most of those doctors are in Venezuela implementing 21st century socialism. Does anybody bother to check if all these figures that are thrown out can actually be verified? Home visits? Really? I guess it's a fact because YOU say SO.

If Cuba is sooooooooooo great why don't these nutty professors go and live in their socialist utopia?


Anonymous said...

Good one, Communism is a huge lie...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
destroy your healthcare system

Cuba's filthy hospitals
are something to aspire to

Unknown said...

If you don't have a dollar in USA you ya can't go to the hospital... if you don't have money in USA you can't study or go to the university... this is the capitalism.
Nahuel from Argentina... Maybe the socialism is an utupia but my opinion is i prefer the utopia...

Anonymous said...


yes....finally a sensible comment.

Alfredo said...


Then why don't you go and live in the Utopia called Cuba?

Anonymous said...

please don't think we are stupid and we are going to take your word for it just because you say it. Argentina does not have socialism and the Univeritsy is free. I happen to live in Argentina too and the University is free here. Thousands of people attend the University in Cordoba and they do not pay so don't come here with these lies.