Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Adidas wearing blogging dictator

The dictator has not been seen in public for over a year, yet he continues his evil ways by blogging and spewing nonsense. Now mr. know it all, states that the "supposed" man the United States and Mafia contracted to poison him in the early 1960s would not have been able to get close enough to him to be successful...... and why is that ?
Can you tell us about all the executions?
Can you tell us about the political prisoners?
Why are the Cuban people still on ration books?
Why no FREE elections?
Why does YOUR family control everything?
Why do you hate your people so much?
Why have you destroyed Cuba?
Since you know it all.......


YouTube Movies said...

Good Luck !! HA HA HA !! You can link me. I have no problem. I linked you on my site. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Leave the poor old man alone. Like I said before, go back to Cuba you illegal!

Anonymous said...

Hey buck, whats the matter? It's a good thing I know where the b key is on my keyboard bc sometimes I like to interchange the letter F with b. You are a provocateur and an idiot,it's obvious by the way you write. Maybe you should go back to wherever the hell you came from,did you ever think about that F*ck? See sometimes I just hit the wrong key by mistake, and sometimes quite conveniently,which is the case in this instance. Have a good day f*ck, I meant buck. (LOL no I didn't)

Anonymous said...

Bucky Bucky Bucky. Are you literate? Tell the truth! You have someone reading and writing for you don't you boy? Can you do any cyphering Gomer? I guess you don't realize that every time you post here you confirm your ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Hey F*ck, I mean buck, lol more like 99 cents, put down your banjo and stop drilling your cousin Fred. Go back to where you came from. I'm sure it was further than ninety miles jackass. Idiota sinverguenza.

Anonymous said...

You deserve it buckf*ck,all of it.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

"Poor old man?" Bucky...if you weren't so stupid you'd know that Fidel, while admittedly old and biologically male, is a multi- millionaire many times over on the slave labor of the Cuban people! Being a coward he is not very many either. Bucky the thicky is his own worse enemy. He advises that we leave the guy alone who drove the million Cubans to America's shores to piss off guys like Bucky. The fact is Bucky...there is no one on the planet that stupid. So quit fooling around. Admit that you are an agent of the Cuban government. And why do it? They're not paying you shit! Pan handlers is American cities are raking in 3 times your salary. You are being chumped too!