Thursday, July 19, 2007


Due to some changes in my personal life, blogging has been very light. The torch for FREEDOM in Cuba still burns bright in my heart. I have heard many times in the last several weeks that "things happen for a reason!" I guess the wise guy in me says:

What's the reason for 48 years of a apartheid communist dictatorship?
Why does the world stand idle and do nothing with these commie thugs?
Why do GOOD people suffer, while evil people never suffer?
Why does the Catholic church and other denominations denounce everything EXCEPT the dictator and communist Cuba?
Why does Uncle Buck mess with me and not with other blogs?

Can someone please tell me the reasoning here?


Anonymous said...

I know that the changes, whatever they are, Alfredo, are going to be for the better.
And for the defeatist and fatalistic "everything happens for a reason" well, that's the excuse people have when they sit to watch the wheels while they keep on spinning.... it's better to try to get the wheels to spin the other way around, or to stop spinning altogether. And that's what you do in this blog.

Anonymous said...

They're all assholes thats why :)

Anonymous said...

el cafe cubano illegal...

I don't care about your personal life nor your dumb musings! I can see Charlie bravo always to your rescue and where is TomASS?You are frustrated by me and it's crazy man, i know you and you can't figure it out!

Anonymous said...

..and buck I don't give a f*** about u.Loser.

Rita Loca said...

And i thought it was just me!!!!

Alfredo said...

Thanks CB!