Friday, July 20, 2007

Spiritual Nature

El Cafe Cubano believes in a higher power and not in MAN. Yes, I am Catholic but those who run the church are just MEN and are sinners like everyone else. I came across an interesting article that deals with recent and future events in a mystical way. Please use your own discernment while reading this article. The article deals with apparitions and the messages tied to these apparitions. In Venezuela their was a mystic Maria Esperanza, who died three years ago, who supposedly received apparitions from Our Lady.

Now it gets freaky, check this out:

"And then there is Venezuela. What might transpire here? It is another question to ask at this time that seems so filled with prophecy. Near Caracas at a place called Betania (which means "Bethany"), the Blessed Mother appeared to a world-class mystic named Maria Esperanza as well as dozens of others in another fully Church-approved apparition. Even medical doctors served as eyewitnesses to her stigmata and other phenomena, including gyrations of the sun."

"Not long after those apparitions, an incredible natural disaster in the way of a mudslide killed more than 20,000 not far from Betania. (For perspective, Hurricane Katrina killed about 3,000, or less than a sixth that number.) Storms and rumblings have been the order of the day -- in one case flooding the shrine itself."

"Esperanza once made the cryptic comment -- about Venezuela -- that "this is where it will begin."

"Now comes word that the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías, who detests the United States, has been fighting with his nation's Catholic bishops, and is bosom friends with Iran (urging on its nuclear program, in another defiant gesture against the democratic and spiritual sensibilities of the people of Venezuela), has determined that after August 5th, when the government takes over a management of the hospital in Maracaibo, its name will be changed from "Hospital Virgen de Coromoto" to that of Argentinean guerrilla fighter, Ernesto Che Guevara, who executed hundreds of Cubans in Havana. As everyone knows, Guevara was a fundamental factor in the entrenchment of the fierce Marxist-Leninist tyranny of Fidel Castro."

"There are ironies in that August 5 is the feast day of the appearance of Mary in Rome (during the Fifth Century) at the site of St. Mary Major Basilica, and Maria Esperanza named one of her daughters Coromoto after the South American manifestation of the Virgin.

"It was in 1652 -- on September 8 -- that Mary appeared to an Indian chieftain named Cacique of the Copses or Coromoto tribe in his hut -- despite his attempts to shoot her with an arrow. She was also seen by the rest of his family -- sparking a fervent devotion that lives to this day, and that Chavez now violates."

"His Eminence Cardinal Manuel Arteaga Betancourt, Archbishop of Havana, representing Pope Pius XII, crowned the sacred image of Our Lady of Coromoto. The Venezuelans celebrate their patroness each year on three different occasions: on February 2 and September 8 and 11. "

"The National Sanctuary of the Virgin of Coromoto, meeting place of great pilgrimages, was declared a Basilica by Pope Pius XII on May 24, 1949. At the request of the nation's bishops, on October 7, 1944 Pius XII declared her "Patroness of the Republic of Venezuela" and her canonical coronation was celebrated on the third centenary of her apparition, on September 11, 1952."

"Was Maria's comment about it "starting" in her homeland an allusion to persecution as demonstrated by Chavez (most recently with the Virgin of Comoroto), to natural disasters (such as the mudslide), or to future uprisings against the United States -- or all of the above? "

"We can know this: it was Esperanza who clearly predicted the events of September 11 (to the point of foreseeing smoke coming from two buildings in New York, and warning that a major event involving enemies on American soil was about to occur just weeks before the attack), and who also warned -- strongly, on a number of occasions -- not to go to war as a result."

Coincidence? I don't know my FREEDOM loving brethren.


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We have God and time on our side. The Cubans have learned their lesson well. Now it is time to reap their reward for this suffering.

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You are correct anonymous. If you click on the title of the post it will take you directly to the article.