Tuesday, June 03, 2008

“Obama becomes Cuban”

By Jose Reyes

Que Bolá Obama! Obama has conveniently become a strong supporter for a “Free” Cuba. Just like he has captured the socialist liberal minds of America, he has somehow captured the support of a small number of anti-Castro, anti-Socialist and anti-Communist Cubans. This is a man who has been connected with racists and terrorists organizations. This is the same man who will be making it an agenda to sit down and “Talk’ to our common enemies if elected to the presidency. This is the man which the media adores and supports with endless fabrications of future hopes of leading our nation. What is happening here, why are these Cuban-Americans acting this way? The support of Republicans has become a sort of tradition now for them, since the Republicans are the ones who have continued a stern and no nonsense stance towards the Castro regime since Eisenhower was president in 1959. But the Embargo also continued on with Kennedy and Johnson and they were non-Republicans. On and on, Nixon came in with Ford to follow and then the roof caved in with Carter, who actually made an effort to talk to Fidel himself. Well everyone knows how that went, what a disgrace, what an embarrassing moment for us Freedom loving Cuban-Americans. Who were the Cuban-Americans that actually voted for Carter? There were a few, maybe more than a few, I don’t know of any Cuban-American who voted for Carter and the correct number will never be known because the ones who did vote for him will never tell you so.

Obama: Cuba policy to be based on 'libertad', read the headline on an article from the CNN “Election 2008” fiasco link. This is CNN, the liberal, far left oriented monopoly news network. This is CNN, the notorious “Castro News Network” as it’s known to all Anti-Castro Cubans around the world. This network along with many, many more American and International ones have a news desk in Cuba. Yes, these news agencies who take it upon “themselves” to totally misinform the “world” of what is occurring on the island of Cuba. They are not complying to their obligations and that would be, to report the news in an unbiased manner and with factual evidence to support there shameful reports. So why are these Cuban-Americans supporting Obama? Are they being disrespectful towards the majority of which are Republican supporters and feel that Obama has many socialistic tendencies? No, these few who support Obama are just desperate for an end to 49 years of oppression, so they want to make some kind of arrangement, a pact of some sort. Makke a pact with the same irresponsible, ruthless, murder driven totalitarian dictatorship who have imprisoned their own family, their Compatriotas, their “Patria”, for the same 49 years. These few Cuban-Americans have fallen into a state of amnesia; they want to make a deal with the devil now.

Personally, I am not really so surprise, it’s only normal to try new tactical measures when others have failed but this time, these Obama followers have really lost it. Not only are they supporting an outright phony, they are endorsing an inexperienced commie loving, socialist racist, who doesn’t care “tres papas” who the Cuban-Americans are and what they stand for. He had no connections with any Cuban-Americans until he met the ones he went to visit on May 23rd for “lunch”. To really rub it in, he was invited on the day the CANF was celebrating the Independence of Cuba, you cannot be more ironic; they have lost their minds. I wonder if Obama was wearing a “Che Lives” t-shirt under his dress shirt. Can you imagine him going to Cuba and meeting Raul? Maybe before he leaves to Havana he should consult and gladly accept some sound advice from Jesse, Charles, Harry, the Reverend and Farrakhan. Maybe Obama should just take them all with him, Ayers and Wright can tag along also. They will certainly have a ball over there, I’m telling you; what is the world coming to? Wakeup my people!!

Jose's Website: Cubanology.com


Roberto Ferranti said...

Hy Josè, it's seems to me you are strongly anti-fidel. My position it's a little be different, I'm working to stimulate a new era in Cuba, and i don't think that american politicians (no dem or rep)could do something true to help the change in the island. I don't believe that everything in Cuba it's to throw away... i think have many things to save... i looking forward to find a democratic and smoothly way to change to a free society with no repression, and a more healty economy and better lifestyle for the people on the island... with respect Rob

aguada21 said...

I came across your blog by accident and I realize now why there are so many problems with Cuba and the Cuban-American policies. You qualify Obama, the only candidate willing to at least question the validity of the embargo, as “a racist and a terrorist” and as a “commie” without offering an argument or point. The embargo hasn’t work in 50 years, yet you seem to still think is the answer to the problems in Cuba. You have no room in your thinking or reasoning for any one that disagrees with you other than putting labels on them and scaring others into thinking like you (reminds me of an infamous Cuban with a beard). You and people like you, whom seem to feel you are the only affected by the dictatorship in Cuba, the ones that feel they have a divine right to decide what “right” is, are as responsible of the situation in Cuba as Fidel Castro. As a Cuban, I’m scare of your righteousness and arrogance and the future of our country is uncertain at best, if people like you or Castro prevail, leaving little room for free thinking and reason.

El Cartagenero said...


Alfredo did not write this article it was Jose of Cubanology. This blog never censors any comments or thoughts. i respect Jose's article even though I don't agree with all of his points or analysis. I believe no politician will ever FREE Cuba,Colombia, etc.. but as Alfredo posted before: it's up to the Cubans and the Cuban exiles to do the work.

send me an email Alfredito...

Buck said...

alfredito? ha.. jose now you r blinded by ignorance just as fredo's minions...Tomas,charlie bravo and now jose of stupidnology!

Fantomas said...

Todavia queda espacio en el Chu chu train de Obama

aprovechen que la gasolina ahora esta a 4.00 before bush's makes it higher

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Buck before giving thoughts you must grow a brain...

Obama is a collectivist! As such he is my enemy just like McCain and Clinton. The three try to keep us all fighting for our piece of the pie that they get to cut up and decide who is worthy of a slice. You all can squabble with them if you like. I totally reject these scum 3 stooges, Castro or their mindless supporters like Buck.

Jose Reyes said...

Mr. Agustin Blazquez had sent me his comment about my article here, he doesn't have a blogger account:

"About Jose's article what I have to say is that I am disappointed with the conduct of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF). Its founder, Jorge Mas Canosa, must be turning in his grave because of what his own son had done of the CANF. Neither Republicans or Democrats have been our true friends in the cause of freedom for Cuba. But we all know what side have been the worse. Being on the side of Obama is not only unwise for Cuba but for the U.S. When the U.S. cease to exist, that will be the end of freedom as we know it."

Jose Reyes said...

First of all I am sorry for my late reaction but I had to work late today. Ok now, I will start with a a long question to Roberto, who by the way I just learned of, he has a great blog, you should all check it out. Roberto, by the little amount of time that I know you, I can tell you that you are a very respectable person and I'm proud of you for the effort you put to support Cuba. My question to you is, what exactly do you mean by I am extremely too anti-fidel? You mean I should be a little only? Or are you saying that Raul is is a little softer? Let me tell you Roberto, there are hardly any pictures where you don't see them both together,since they were young, they are carbon copies of each other to the day they die, they are both hard line communists. Raul is even worse than Fidel, if you can get any worse. You say you want the best for the Cuban people in Cuba, Roberto we all do! But first and foremost, that murderous regime must step down. Then there will be some kind of dialog.

Aguada21, you were very rude with your so-called comment. First of all, I think you are lying, I'm not completely sure, but it sure seems like it. How can you not ever hear of El Cafe Cubano Blog? Furthermore, I feel that you are not even Cuban, I'll go that far. You don't know me, you are disrespectful, you make too much about the embargo when my criticism is that Obama is a racist and a socialist idealist. You completely diverted from the article to categorize me and my Cuban compatriots by turning on me and bashing on your own people. This post I made here is an awareness type of article. I'm going to stop here because I'm a respectful person, unlike you. I have plenty more to say to you but It's better to leave it alone.

El Cartagenero, You are 100% right, but tell me the points where you disagree with me or you feel I went a little overboard please?

Fantomas, Fantomas, a very good friend of mine, I want you all to know. But has no opinion about anything. At least tell me what you think about the article. Fantomas likes Democrats and hates Bush, ok, that's cool with me. But give me some kind of opinion of the article.

Tomas, you like Ron Paul and I respect that, maybe he is who we need for president and if it were between McCain and him I would take Ron Paul because he is an economist and that's what America needs now.

Now I will end this comment with a question for all of you, (bucklehead you don't count) and anybody else that enters after words, ok?

If you were elected president of the United States of America now, 2008 and you had the opportunity to sit down with Raul, what would you talk to him about, what would you offer him, where would you draw the line, tell me what would your dialog be???

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

To save more Cubans now, I would offer Raul an exit carrot to leave today but remind him of the big stick that is waiting for him and his family so privileged if he continues to stick around.

As for the Cuban American Foundation it is a pity but the normal course of things unfortunately. They have been taken over by the ruling class, usually by buying off the leaders.

As for Buck, who ARE you with? These days by your comments I'm not sure if you are a Bush neocon or a Castro communist. Who's camp are you with boy?

Buck said...

Tomas and Jose..

both of you are totally insane. history is now being made and like always your're on the wrong side of history. nobody wants Cuban exile worthless scums! Cuba hates you and the united States can't stand you egotistical blowhards., Fredo never answers or enters a debate with me and my superior intellect.

Anonymous said...

LOl Dialogue with Castro? He's not even the president of Cuba . That SOB has never been elected by the Cuban people. Esto se va pa la mierda si seguimos asi. Oh and buck SHAT THE FACK AHP!!!!!! You BURGER EATING COMMIE!!!

Anonymous said...

Your superior intellect buck? lol I just took a shit and flushed your intellect down the toilet. I bet your voting for Berraco NO Habra Jama or is that Pijama. Buck your the most ignorant person to hit the blogosphere in my opinion of course. Everytinme you speak it smells. Time to get my Air Breeze out.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Okay Buck lets debates. What position will you be defending? Oh yes...ignorance. But you did not answer my previous question. Are you a Bush neocon syndicate member or a Castro commie? I can't tell by your comments. You are all over the spectrum.

Alfredo said...


I believe I would need to bring you box of crayons for you to have a debate with me or any FREEDOM lover! Not once have you sincerely debated the issues at hand. All you do is hurl insults without any merit or any type of intellectual backing. answer the simple questions: Who are you? Are you a castro supporter or not?

Alfredo said...


so tell us why do you believe obama is the answer?

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

If Obama is the answer I fear the question...

Fantomas said...


Obama esta aceptando recomendaciones del pueblo acerca de foreing policy. Escribanle ustedes acerca de cuba y la opinion de ustedes como el deberia bregar con los Castro cuando se sienten a hablar

he will listen , believe me, his organization is top notch

Alfredo le acabo de escribir eso mismo que me preguntas a Obama personally. it was too long . did not save a copy. all i will tell you is this. Obama offers a change. A different approach in policy which I welcome. . I have given him my recommendations how to handle los castros cuando se sienten . Que el las siga es otra cosa. Only time will tell if he was succesful. I rather have that than Mc Cain tough stance of no engagement at all

Fantomas said...

Fantomas, Fantomas, a very good friend of mine, I want you all to know. But has no opinion about anything. At least tell me what you think about the article. Fantomas likes Democrats and hates Bush, ok, that's cool with me. But give me some kind of opinion of the article.

But has no opinion about anything

My opinion is that Obama will handle the cuban case much better than Mc Cain. To our benefit

Fantomas said...

Fantomas likes Democrats and hates Bush

Not true at all. iam no democrat never have voted for one , probably never will

How can i hate Bush if he just sent me 600 dollrs just the other day. I hate bush policies on Cuba and the lenght of the Iraq war , that's all

Jose Reyes said...

Ok Fantomas you like Obama and you feel that he will sit down and talk to Raul right? Let me ask you, where should the meeting take place? In the article, I figured that Raul will not come to meet with Obama in Washington DC or do you feel that Obama will invite Raul over here so they can make an agreement?

Ok Fantomas, here's another question. When? When is Obama going to set up the discussion with Raul. In the beginning of the presidential term, in the second year or in the last year?

Here's the last question and I asked everyone here before.

If you were elected president of the United States of America now, 2008 and you had the opportunity to sit down with Raul, what would you talk to him about, what would you offer him, where would you draw the line, tell me what would your dialog be??? (Of course this question applies to a non-Cuban, it applies to the duties of an American president)

Fantomas said...

the meeting could be held in a neutral country ejemplo brazil, italia, españa

the meeting should be held no later than july 2009

prior to the big meeting , some issues should be handled by lower representatives of both sides

the line should be draw fairly easy

here it goes.

Obama : raul i need to see inmediate results, free all political prisoners, end persecution, open up the church to the media, allow dissent, no mass exodus towards the florida costline

Raul ... lift the ramittances ban, travel restriction , speed the process of 20k per year visas, end the embargo gradually,
obama: allow political parties to compete with you, set up election date, assurances to raul and the top brass they will not be persecuted in us courts, and that the us has no plans to topple the cuban gov or invasion

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Collectivists like Obama and McCain devise social policy to keep us fighting with each other like Jose and Fantomas. That way we are too distracted to notice they are robbing us blind. Both Obama and McCain love it when Americans actually believe that there will be a difference between the two. What has the difference been in the past between the demos and the repos?

In either case:

Taxes have gone up

The dollar's value has gone down

The U.S. Constitution is ignored

Our military empire grows larger while our nation's infrastructure crumbles.

Homelessness increases

Increased hunger and more food stamp recipients

A larger percentage of Americans are behind bars

Cuba is still in the grip of the Castro boys

Honestly amigos! With friends like these, why search for enemies? Why worry which collectivist will screw you the least? Either way you're getting screwed. But go ahead and vote for one of the maggots on the collectivist ticket. It's your right. I'll try not to be angry that the scum you choose, just like the past 50 years. will rob ME blind and remove even more of my remaining rights. I know you do not do these things out of malice but out of ignorance. You are only doing what the television instructs you to do. I forgive you.

Jose Reyes said...

Tomas relax and stop the preaching, Fantomas I are having a typical Cuban-American discussion.

Fantomas, in my opinion sitting down with Raul would be lowering ourselves. We have been asking Fidel/Raul for these humanitarian "favors" for 49 years. The only time he complies is when you give him cash, like he did after the Bay of pigs or they would wait until the Political prisoners have served at least 20 years, unless they are sick. Raul will never let the political prisoners out now because then there will be more by the thousands. If Raul gives the Cuban people a break like this, then they will all go out to streets and demonstrate. As for the embargo, there really isn't one and as for the travel restrictions for exiles to visit their family, Obama will probably reactivate it and I'm alright with that.

The MSM will make Obama a hero and Raul will look like a humanitarian.

And this will just keep him there longer. I personally feel that Cuba is a Giant political prison.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I possess the calm of a man who even though surrounded by the darkness, sees the light.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

I will preach as long as others keep voting for collectivist who will steal my labor and expect my children to die to defend their empire. Sorry about that.

Fantomas said...

Tomas I feel sorry for all MR Paul Backers. They have no place to go in Nov

Fantomas said...

Fantomas, in my opinion sitting down with Raul would be lowering ourselves

John Mc Cain has talked and visited the same viet con fuckers who humiliated him. they killed 50k plus americans

we dealt with kadaffy and now he is at peace with us

we have dealt with the soviets and Reagan helped tear the berlin wall down

we need to engage man, learn how to forgive always honoring the fallen ..but moving ahead

we are not doing this for us Jose , we are old now, we are doing this for the cubans who have not been born as of yet

we will see the best results in about 20-30 years for cuba

the entire batista generation and sierra maestra generation must be 12 feet deep so that we can have a new cuba , remember Cuba does not really know what democracy is

It is a new word , a new way of thinking that must be taugh to the masses and that will require plenty of time 2 or 3 decades at best

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Don't feel sorry for us Paul backers. We might have a September surprise for McCain at the convention. How many Republicans delegate do you know who will go to the convention and vote for McCain? I know of none. But I know many delegates from around the country who WILL go to the convention and ONLY vote for Ron Paul. So as long as our neocon masters don't nuke the convention we may yet have President Paul.

Jose Reyes said...

Fantomas, you don't really mean what you are saying, do you? New way of thinking? You are talking about 49 years of torture and misery, people will be held accountable and the Cuban people in Cuba, the young and old will be the ones that will take the Castro Regime to international court, it will be just like they did to Hitler, because the Castro regime has committed so many atrocities. Not to mention, all the human rights violations. You want to let it slide, are you all there my friend? It seems to me that all you are concerned about is the travel restrictions, so you can go back and forth on little vacations, to check out the old neighborhood. You have lost your morality Fantomas, let's forget it all, who do you think you are? You can't speak for the "millions" who have suffered, justice must be met. You should be ashamed of yourself, why do you think your parents took you out of Cuba in the first place. You have no shame, forgive and forget, we are talking 49 years. You think this is a big joke? You've lost your morals! Fantomas, I know you and you are just getting desperate for change, I think. Obama is a socialist, that's right! He will make sure that Raul stays in power, he adores the communist revolution. Cuba will never change until the Castro Regime steps down and are punished. I'm not just talking about Fidel and Raul, I'm talking about "ALL" of them, the sons and daughters, the chivatos the military supporters, the spies. All the people who work for this brutal system. They will all be hunted down and taken to justice, dead or alive! It will not be peaceful.
It seems to me that you have forgotten why you started Blogging in the first place, you might as well close down your blog and pack it up.
I have also come to the conclusion that you have some beef against the Cuban exiles who fled Cuba in the 60's and the 70's. Those Che Guevara lessons in school must have stuck to your way of thinking. I also noticed that you don't give 2 shits about America also, only about your travel restrictions to Cuba.
My train of thinking is more towards the future of America right now, at this moment. This article I wrote here is about the future of Cuba but the future of America also.

Fantomas said...

Jose i know you are upset because you also want to see free cuba mañana. It wont happen bro. It will take decades . They Cubans in power know that out there are people like you (mobsters) that wants to take them to the highest courts and spill their guts on the sidewalks in havana. . They will never allow themselves to be captured by people like you. Thats the reason why they will not allow change until raul and fidel both die . sientate a esperar you will be blogging con el baston en la mano for a long long time

I wont be around much longer wasting my time bro. The best we can do now is improve the standard of living of all cubans living in hell. It is easye for you not to want to lift the travel and money restrictions, you eat arroz con bistec in NY everyday . they dont

America is my country . i love america more than you do, We need change in foreign policy , that is why milions of americans will vote for Obama in Nov, many millions will and no, they are no commies , they are not

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Obama voters? Actually some ARE commies. Some are fascists. Some Moists. Some Leninist, Some socialists, etc. But they ALL are collectivists. Some will realize they ARE collectivists. Most will remain clueless.

I actually saw a woman on a video shot in England who said "We must sacrifice our liberty for freedom." Obviously she never read 1984. She is also unaware that she IS a collectivist.

Jose Reyes said...

Mobster?? LOL! So you think the Cuban exiles that came in the 60's and 70's are mobsters. Thank them for making it easier for you and all the other's who have entered the US after, like you. We came to this country my friend with $40 in our pockets, that's 6 people. America gave us the opportunity to achieve our dreams. Cuba will be free very soon, 49 years is too long my friend. Why do you continue to blame the reason Cuba is in the shape it is on America. The change has to come from within. How can America change the standard of living of Cuba when the Castro regime will steal all the aid that will be sent to Cuba like they have been doing for 49 years, that's why they must step down, run away what ever. You know it very well Fantomas, that all the people are deprived of their god given rights in Cuba.
As for me eating arroz con bistek, I deserve it, I work hard to make money so I can survive. In Cuba there are many people who have given up on working hard because they are not rewarded, the communist system makes a person satisfied with what they have, it's a brainwash, they take there future dreams away. You know why, because in a communist system you cannot own your property, your own land.
You sitting there, eating your Arroz con Pollo, thank your mafioso parents for taking you out of Cuba. Now it's time to help the Cuban people get their chance to be free, but they are going to have to do it within. All we can do is give them confidence and all the support we can when it turns. We must continue to inform the world knows on what is truly happening in Cuba. You have no confidence Fantomas, you have given up. Close down the Blog, pack it in. If you feel that Raul is changing his ways, you have lost it, he's just trying to buy some time. Obama will give him more time. Stop blaming America. Obama will lose the elections, remember the elections have not even started yet. Obama is a Socialist, that's a fact! And by any chance he is elected and you get your way, then you can go ahead buy your ticket, go back to the old neighborhood. have fun! Send me a post card. I'm done with this useless conversation with you, you do what you want. I disagree with you and you disagree with me. We are still friends, because it's just a disagreement and we haven't harmed each other in any way, we'll have to work on a resolution for our little quarrel. Now, as for the Castro regime, there's is no resolution, the damage is done my friend! That's what I'm trying to tell you. This will be my last comment here, you can continue if you wish, that's your choice, that is you right.

Fantomas said...

i did not say you were a mobster i meant to say the mob that wants blood in cuba's sidewalk , you know killing chivatos and the likes

Jose cuba does not and WILL NEVER CHANGE THEIR POLITICAL COMUNIST SYSTEM unless we spill our blood like the mambises to take the power away from them. the problem is que ya no quedan mambises ni dentro ni fuera de cuba to do that

so what will it take? you tell me , more blogging please tell me, more rethoric, Mc Cain? a nuclear bomb, an invasion , 4 hurricanes , what will it take to topple Castro?

the old viet war hero, is he the answer , c mon?

how about Obama?

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

If Obama IS elected you'll all hate him in no time at all. Same for Muckity Mackaroo. Hillary just wants to be close enough to the White House to poison the tea of the top guy so she can take over.

I'm not sure McCain can even live to the election. Look how haggard he looks these days. Obama will be a dead man walking if Hillary has his back.

Fantomas said...

yes tomas it is june maybe hillary will get shot, she had the popular vote so she claims