Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gay Ole time!

raulita axed(i am not talking about the recent approval for surgeries for removing the private part!) the first gay pride parade in Cuba!

How dare them!

gay activist here in the U.S. are angry and are condemning raulita's and marielo's decision to cancel this event and they should be...but why not the indignation concerning the atrocities for the last 49 years! Everyone knows of the persecution of gays inflicted by this brutal regime!

and even sadder... the Catholic church is condemning Cuba's SUPPOSED openness towards gays, but murder, political prisoners, stealing, and lack of FREEDOM is not of concern?


buck said...


hey my illegal cuban exile is finally out of the closet joining tomASS,jose, fantimas, and charlie ole gusano bloggers..LOL!

Alfredo said...

buck you are very mistaken for a communist baffon! you will not stop me by the constant insults, in fact you know nothing about me, because all your personal attcks are way off base. Those who know me personally know exactly who i am and how i stand on things. i wish you no harm and God bless you: MY MISGUIDED COMMIE!


buck said...

sure fredo..we REALLY believe you!

buck said...

"ENOUGH"- I so scared..LOL