Thursday, June 05, 2008

Hooting and hollering continues from Texas

"On the surface, a budding alliance between the Texas Farm Bureau and Cuban government might appear unlikely. In the "Farm Bureau philosophy" posted on its Web site, the organization denounces socialism and communism, saying they "must be opposed wherever and in whatever form they may be found."

yet this quote:

"I don't think that as a Farm Bureau we want to impose what kind of government Cuba should have, or, for that matter, Mexico, Colombia, the old Soviet Union or China," he said. "As businessmen, we just want to do business with everyone, regardless of their beliefs"

so ya'll would do business with anyone and the atrocities don't matter? C'mon did the apartheid dictatorship put you up to these quotes as a prerequisite of doing business with cuber?

Since Texans are such straight shooters, tell us what are other deals were inked?

hey, did you ever ask about the political prisoners? Did you ask why their is no FREEDOM?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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