Monday, June 02, 2008

Hooting and Hollering in Texas

Hooting and Hollering

This Cuban –Texan new sooner or later these Cowboys would be hooting and hollering about Cuber. I have said from the beginning, if you want to do business and make money, fine! I have a problem with delegations saying that the dictatorship are bunch of good ole boys and everything is just peachy in Cuber.

I love these feel good quotes:

“My name’s John,” he told strangers, his greeting flavored with a not-so-gentle twang. “I’m from Texas. How is your day going?”

Now John I’m going to respond to you in my Texas twang: “John, how ya doing buddy? You know the dictatorship in Cuber has executed and imprisoned thousands solely on their belief in Freedom. Them boys ya'll doing bidness with are ALL members of the communist government. If you want to make money, say so, and don’t make them commies out to be good ole boys!

Another feel good quote:

“Cubans like us because as Texans we’ve never gotten over the fact that we were a republic first,” said Rosalee Coleman, first vice president of the Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas Inc. “We’re independent-minded, willed, stubborn and straight talkers. We say we’re from Texas, not the%strong- United States. I think we can do business together.”

Rosalee, your not an American? I glad you’re a straight talker, but girl, uncle fidel and raulita’s gang have lied to the people of Cuber for almost 50 years! Now since your such a straight talker, what else did you talk about in cuber? what else did ya'll do? Now us them there Cuban exiles are also stubborn, straight talkers, and independent, but are called worms and mafia? Can your figure that?

oooh boy...this dawg don't hunt...


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

"Independent?" Independent slaves? In Cuba...Talk about an oxymoron...

Alfredo said...