Sunday, August 24, 2008

The revolution disqualified from the very beginning

Here we have the Cuban athletic kicking the judge because HE did not like the call. As a result he will be banned for life. Just like the revolution from the very beginning, if you say or do something contrary to the communist dictatorship, they will silence you by violence or imprisonment. It's just the adidas clad dictator's way!


Vana said...

What an asshole, Cagastro is blaming the "Miami Mafia" for this act in his latest reflexiones del comecaca.

Anonymous said...

lo que no entiendo que tiene ver una acción de un deportista evidentemente tonto, que perdió los estribos... con el resto?.

Vaya blog más estúpido y poco analítico.

Alfredo said...

orlando, what are you doing visiting this blog? THIS ACT represents HOW the CUBAN DICTATOSHIP has treated the Cuban people for 49 years. THE MAFIA DICTATORSHIP have killed, tortured, and imprisoned thousands just because THEY don't like they way we think. IF YOU can't understand that, then YOU must be STUPID and YOU don't care about the Cuban people. GO VISIT SOME MARXIST SITE MR. ANALYSIS!