Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fooling the general Public

Today in the drudge report: we have a picture of Obama and in the background what looks like a illuminated cross signifying(to obama supporters) that he is the messiah for the U.S? Take a look at the video above in which a young Fidel proclaims that he is not a communist, but that's not all, pigeons rest on castro while delivering a speech signifying that somehow the holy spirit came to rest on his shoulders and that castro was the messiah for Cuba. Well, we all know how that turned out! All lies!!! Those in fidel's inner circle ALL KNOWN COMMUNIST, yet the rosary wearing fidel was sent from God and was not a communist?
Obama's inner circle of friends ALL who to the core have marxist beliefs, yet Obama is not a communist, simply the MESSIAH here to deliver the U.S. to utopia?
Now long have I and many warned about the evils of out for ortega, he's a out for chavez, he's a out for cocaine morales, he's a communist, watch out for the FARC, they are communist and the list goes on and one listens to the warnings...I have been laughed at and even scorned by many......

Their is only ONE MESSIAH and he came to earth to die for US and for our sins, not for MARXISM!!!!


buck said...


You now have convinced me that you are nuts!!!!

Vana said...

No one believes us, we have lived through it yet we are not believed, we are hysterical remember! the USA has no idea what is about to happen if the hand the Anti-Christ the White house. Scary

Anonymous said...

buckf*ck, fredo is more sane than you'll ever be.