Friday, March 20, 2009

Cuban Viral Video - Lazaro El Lechón

Carlos Gutierrez who directed, wrote, and produced a short film WET FOOT/DRY FOOT:

Has now produced a new viral commercial for Headquarter Toyota in Miami. Please give him your support and check out the video above!


Anonymous said...

BUENISIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y QUE CUBANAZO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BEST!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love this video. que risa! me encanto.

"un nieto" said...

I'm a Cuban-American voice over and commercial actor for over 29 years (I started at 2) living in Los Angeles for 22 years and this is by far THE BEST COMMERCIAL I HAVE EVER SEEN. If HEadquarters Toyota doesn't reap the benefits of this spot I'll have my Babalaow resurrect Fidel Castro! It's beyond PERFECT in every way. Carlos Gutierrez, te la comiste y de que manera. I'm sending this out to everyone I know in Miami, New York and LA.
Ahora, do me a favor and hire me.